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The Bella Laboratories Teeth Whitening system is an easy-to-use whitening product that works by brushing a unique gel onto your teeth. It’s as simple as that. Dentists around the world are raving about the benefits that come from at-home teeth whitening systems. These systems can deliver whitening results similar to those you’ll get when you pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars at the dentist. You no longer have to go spend hours of your life and hurt your bank account to get white teeth. At-home systems can get you the same bright smile you’ll get at the dentist.
The AltaWhite swabs are used to apply the AltaWhite powder on your teeth. There are 24 swabs in a single pack which is a six day pack. There is liquid in each swab which is used to moisten the end of the swab tip so the whitening powder sticks to it. You will have to use separate swab for lower and upper part of your teeth. The solution is a mixture of glyscerin, water, methylparaben, peppermint flabor, FD and blue 1, propylparaben.
Idol White is endorsed by the three Kardashian Girls. Idol White is a unique teeth whitening system that’s brightened the smiles of thousands of satisfied customers. Its unique blend of natural teeth whitening ingredients brings out the natural white shade in your teeth, allowing you to get a whiter and brighter smile without the hassles or costs of most teeth whitening systems.